Educational Workshops

We provide a range of workshops for 14-19 year olds who are ready to move into the next important stage of their lives. White Chalk workshops are practical, creative, factual and stimulating. Our research shows that students want information, knowledge and guidance. Therefore our workshops have been designed using focus groups, surveys and questionnaires to gain the right information for the end users.

We cover the following workshops:

Finding the right job

Alternative job hunting (1 hour)

This workshop can help your students identify the many different ways to search for a job and how to target potential companies. This 1 hour session will introduce students to the skills of tapping into the hidden jobs market and effectively developing and utilising a new network of contacts successfully.

Application forms made simple (1 hour 30 mins)

An application form is the first "sales" pitch for a potential job or course. Making a good impression with a well thought out and professionally presented application is half the battle.

This workshop will help your students understand the key principles behind successful job applications, why employers ask certain things and give you an insight into good practice when applying for jobs in the UK. We’ll also help you tackle those awkward questions.

How to write a great CV (1 hour 15mins)

Students may have all the skills and experience but without a CV that shows this to employers they won't reach interview stage. This workshop will equip students with 'top tips' on how to write a CV and covering letter with impact!

Securing a job

Preparing for Interviews (1 hour 20mins)

This workshop will cover how to market you effectively and what to expect from an interview via our interactive session.

We'll tell students everything they need to know about interview preparation, awkward questions and successful interview etiquette. Click here to learn more about how to Prepare for Interviews

Presentation Skills - How to present effectively (2 hours 15 mins)

If students want to succeed in today's competitive employment market, they will need to communicate well and present themselves successfully. We will conduct an introductory session which will enable students to take the first steps to becoming confident when presenting. They will deliver a short presentation and get immediate constructive feedback on how they can develop their skills. Learn more about Presentation Skills by clicking the link

Workplace preparation (3 hours)

Our half day workshop will explore what employers will expect from students. Students will learn what constitutes professional behaviour whilst being given practical advice and tips as to how they can develop and become a valuable member of a workforce. Being indispensable is a must and we will endeavour to get them to this stage. Covering a wide range of areas such as: Time Management, Self- awareness, Motivation and Business Conduct. Click here to lean more about Workplace preparation

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